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About Interior Design Dublin

Interior design Dublin has been around for a while, with one simple goal – that is helping you live in  luxurious fashion. Inner peace is more important than anything else out there and we, here at interior designer Dublin do our best to make your house ‘move livable’. Read more about us here. 

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Our Services

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Residential Design

Who doesn’t want a better home? You are not alone. Our residential design will take care of your needs. 

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Corporate Design

Looking for a corporate interior design service to take care of your office? We got you covered. 

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Commercial Design

Own a commercial property that can do with an interior design service? Talk to us today. 

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Some of our latest projects are displayed here. We custom every project according to your needs. Don’t like any? Talk to us as we have more samples to share. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Difference Between interior designers and interior decorators?

While it can be overlapping in many scenarios, an interior designer designs your house and an interior decorator decorates the internal parts of the house which includes furniture, managing the placement of things and more. At Interior designer Ireland, we do it all. 

Why should I hire an interior designer in Dublin?

Interior designers serve a very special purpose. They help you decorate or re-decorate your dream place, be it a house, an office or a commercial property. The fact that you are reading this tells us you already know why you need to hire an interior designer in Dublin. 

How do I choose the right Dublin interior designer for my home?

Taking advise from friends and family who have used the services of an interior designer in Dublin might be a good idea. The alternative option is to look at the projects and past work of an interior design firm in Dublin before you choose them. The best strategy, however, is to take a free consultation and see if you like the vibe. 

How much does an interior designer in Dublin cost?

The cost of an interior designer varies depending on the type of the project, the complexity, the time involved and the amount of resources we may need to use to complete it. The best option is to get a free consultation from us.