Bedroom Interior Design: Top 10 Tips and Strategies

After going through a long hard day, nothing can beat the feeling you experience once you kick off your shoes and march to your bedroom for the night. This is why it’s important to create an environment in your bedroom that can make you feel comfortable and peaceful when you step into it. Interior designers in Dublin can come handy there.

There are many strategies to follow to design your own bedroom. Here are our top 10 tips and strategies to follow when you’re interior designing your bedroom:

1. Choose Subtle Colors

When you’re deciding the color of your bedroom, you should go with a palette of soothing and monochromic colors instead of bright primary colors. You can try a gentle shade of blue, lavender or green as they give calm and serene vibes.

You can also try rich jewel-toned hoes since they’ll be able to help you set the mood of comfort and relaxation, for example, toasty browns, topaz, deep pomegranate, etc. Moreover, you can try experimenting with a toned-down version of your preferable colors.

2. Don’t Avoid the Ceiling

When you’re remodeling your bedroom, you might think to avoid the ceiling. However, don’t avoid it as a blank ceiling can make your bedroom look ugly.

You can make it look more attractive by adding subtle paint, soft color in it. You can also paint it by using the lighter version of your bedroom’s wall color slightly. This will help you lower the space visually and generate a feeling of coziness.

3. Keep It Simple

Try to make your bedroom look simple and sophisticated, no matter what style of decorations you’re using when you’re remodeling it. You must leave 3 feet between the bed and sidewalls and 2 feet between the bed and low furniture to make movement easier.

Try to furnish it with only what you need. You can furnish it with a bed, one or two bedside tables, a dresser, and a chair as they’re necessary. If there is still some space left, you can use a chest of drawers in the closet.

Moreover, when you’re using accessories to decorate your bedroom, you should keep it minimal. Usage of excessive accessories can make you feel it’s congested.

4. Right Size of Furniture

When you’re buying furniture for your bedroom, you should start buying them by making a floor plan and a measured drawing of the space. If the ceiling of your bedroom is high, then use a tall headboard as it can visibly bring it down to size.

On the other hand, if your bedroom is large, then you should buy furniture that it fits. You can add a chair and ottoman at the end of the bed. Don’t use small accessories and furniture as they’ll look lost.

5. Have Plenty of Storage

If you want to add a serene feeling in your bedroom, then you should store things out of sight. Therefore, your room will look calmer. You can ensure plenty of storage by choosing a roomy bedside table with drawers behind with which you can use to hide your things. You’ll be able to reach them but they’ll be out of sight.

To store extra sheets, blankets and pillows, use a trunk at the end of the bed. Moreover, if you have shallow boxes, you should store them under the bed and cover them with a beautiful bed skirt.

6. Create One Focal Point

You might have many ideas to design your bedroom, but you should use one main idea that will make your bedroom look more attractive. If you apply too many ideas while designing it, you’ll feel overwhelmed by looking at features after features. The design of your bedroom won’t be confusing too if you create only one focal point.

7. Cover the Windows

If you’re fond of soft sheer curtains that can filter light, you should combine opaque roller blinds to enfold the windows. You can pull them down easily to block sunlight that’s coming from your window and maintain your privacy during the night.

8. Include Lighting Options

It’s good to coat lighting throughout your bedroom. You can use ambient and accent lighting, as they’ll be able to light the whole room and engulf the walls with soft illumination.

While including several lighting options, make sure they’re adjustable with a dimmer. Moreover, you should install a separate on/off switch for each light so that you’re able to illuminate the only area you want.

9. Include a Private Nook

If you want a quiet place to sit and read in your bedroom, then create an intimate lounging area with a comfortable chair and footstool at the corner of your bed. If the room is big enough, then you can also build a window seat to enjoy the view and natural light while reading.

10. Add a carpet or a rug

Adding a soft rug or carpet on tiles or timber in your bedroom can make your feet feel softer and more inviting after a tiring day.

So, abide by these tips when you’re designing your bedroom on your own, you’ll be content with the bedroom you’ve just designed.

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