how much should an interior designer cost

How Much Should an Interior Designer Cost? Our Guide

Whenever we plan a new project, the first thing that strikes our mind is how much is it going to cost? How much does an interior designer in Ireland cost? Well, interior design is known to be quite expensive. So, you need to have a clear concept in mind about the budget and pricing to make the most of the project.

Also, what the estimation more tricky is that there’s no certain price mark for the job. The cost widely varies depending on the service, consultation, design work, etc.


We understand that you have been longing for a dream house for ages. However, starting a project that is beyond your budget is not a wise decision. Have a clear budget range before you proceed and give the designer a clear instruction about the overall expenditure you can make.

Make a list for the necessary item and divide the total money into a different division. You need to discuss with the designer how much you want to spend on the decorative pieces. Also, have some spare budgets for miscellaneous things like shipping, repairs, etc.

Service Rate

Every interior designer will provide you with a flat quote for their service. Make sure that the quote clearly states what services included in the fees. Also, the quote should include how many revisions and redo you can get from this service charge. The flat rate of the designer also depends a lot on the expertise of the designer. Also, it will give you an estimation of the overall budget required if there is no architectural work needed.

Interior Designer Hourly Rate

The hourly rate of the designer varies widely depending on their experience and their expertise. The hourly rate for the professional ranges between $100 to $450, depending on experience. However, you can hire a novice designer with an hourly pay range between $25 to $75. The more experience the designer has, the more will be the pay.

Along with the hourly consultation fee, you may also have to pay for the travel expenses, deposits, and other fees. Make sure you thoroughly go through the contract before signing it to have a clear grasp on the additional charges.

Interior Designer Monthly Rate

The monthly rate is applicable when the project continues for several months. You may have to pay additional charges such as continuation fees, transportation, and other conveniences. We suggest you discuss with the designer about the monthly charges if there’s any for long term projects.

Cost Per Square Foot

A cost estimation based on per square foot area will let you have a clear idea of the overall cost. This will help you cut down the cost or negotiate with the interior designer if it exceeds your budget.

Usually, the cost per square foot for interior designing starts at $5 and it can range up to $20 depending on the style of the design. If you’re planning for a luxurious décor with high-quality materials then the cost will rise up a lot more.

Cost Per Room

Different types of rooms require different decorations and furniture. The cost is usually the highest for the living room as most people prefer to have eye-catching and lavish decorative pieces in that room. The kitchen is generally the second most expensive place to decorate. You will need to invest in a variety of kitchen appliances which don’t really come cheap.

Bathrooms and bedrooms are also quite pricey to decorate. However, if the designer plan effectively and efficiently then it’s possible to lower the cost in these sections. Make sure that you give the designer a clear idea about the theme and the types of designs you want so that they can allocate the money in the best possible way.


The commission-based rate is kind of a win-win situation for both the designer and the client. The designer will purchase all the décors, furniture and supplies that are needed at a retail price. They will keep the difference in price as their fee. In this scheme, you will also not have to pay for the hourly charge as well.

However, make sure that you collect the receipt from the designer so that you can weigh out the amount that has been paid as the charge. Also, get a proper estimation from the interior designer of the retail prices before moving forward with the project.

Hiring an interior designer may seem like a splurge in the beginning. However, it will save you a great deal of trouble, time, and money in the long run. A designer will spice up the ideas you have in mind and make your dream house into a reality.

Before you hire the designer, make a list of different designers and weigh out their pros and cons. Try to give them a detailed idea of the thoughts you have in mind so that they can execute the designs in the best possible way.

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