How to Do Interior Design on Your Own: Step by Step Guide

Don’t you just love it when you see those lavishly designed celebrity homes? All of us here at Interior designer in Ireland sure do. You don’t need to spend a bucket load to revamp your house. All you need is a proper plan to execute and make the most of the design you have in mind.

Some people are born with a natural eye for design. With some simple tricks and tips, you can do it all on your own without even hiring an interior designer. We have come up with a step by step guide to help you rock the project like a pro!

Select the Style

The first step of moving forward with an interior design project is to decide on the style you want to go for. You need to pick up a style that harmonizes with your home. If you’re planning to revamp the entire house then it will give you more flexibility to select on the style. However, if you’re planning to design a specific area or room then make sure that it matches the other décor of the house.

Choose a Color Scheme

Now that you’ve decided on the style, it’s time to select the colors. Choose the colors that blend well together and the ones that depict your style and personality. We suggest you go with the three-color strategy to give your room a serene and classy look.

Pick a base color for the wall, one color for the large accents such as sofa, table, etc. The final color should be for smaller items such as flowers, vase, pillows and other ornamental things for the room. Also, choose the textiles carefully while choosing the color schemes.

Measure the Room

Before you move forward with the designs, measure the room. This will give you the idea of whether the room has adequate space to go accommodate the design you have in mind. Interior designing requires a keen eye for proper measurement. So, draw an outline on a paper to get an estimation on how to fit the decorations throughout the room.

Get Started with the Décor

One thing that can make or break the entire design is their placement. You need to place each decoration in the right place to make them stand out. One item that will enhance the overall look of the room is how the pillows are placed. Pillows can bring a gorgeous accent to the room. However, don’t go overboard with the pillows. Keep enough room on the sofa for the guests to sit and make sure that they don’t have to move the pillows around to sit.

Also, picking the right artwork is an integral part of an interior design project. Any decoration will seem incomplete without any artwork. Make sure that you hang the art piece at an eye-level to easily catch the eyes of the guests. 

Many people make the mistake of hanging the chandelier too high up in the ceiling. The rule of thumb with the chandelier is to hang them at a level that easily brightens up the room while making a style statement.

Add a Statement Piece or Furniture

Your designs reflect your style and personality. When you’re doing an interior designing project, always include a statement piece that says something about you. A professional designer will always ask for your favorite colors and preferences before starting the project. You need to emphasize these factors so that you can bring out your personality in the décor.

You don’t always need to make a dent on your wallet to add a statement piece. It can be a sofa, skirted chairs, slanted armchair or any other large decorative piece. However, if you’re decorating a small area then mix the furniture style and size to give them a balanced look.

 Use Flowers and Decorative Trays

Floral prints are evergreen. Adding flowers, plants and other natural will give the room a natural and soothing tone. There are tons of easy to care live plants that you can place at the corners of the room.

You can use decorative bowls, souvenirs, and even baskets to jazz up the overall décor. You can put a golden or silver tray on the side table and top it off with a scented candle. Also, you can add up metal pieces to bring a rustic look to the overall decoration.

Final Thoughts

You don’t always need to hire a professional to give your home a brand new look. All you need is a proper strategy and a keen eye for style. Make sure the items you choose reflects your sense of style and personality.

Also, create a mood board to define the space more elegantly and keep on adding more as you progress through the project. Try to take ideas from Pinterest and follow the ideas and steps that we mentioned above to make the best out of the interior designing project.

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