Interior Design App: What You Need to Know

Here at Interior Design Dublin, we talk more than just design and today’s about apps. There’s a home design app for nearly everything from shopping and color planning to measuring and arranging. Now you can’t give any excuse when it comes to putting off that renovation. Here are some of the interior design apps that we recommend you to use to design a room or house from start to finish.

So, if you need a floor plan for your home then whip out your Smartphone and envision what new paint color would look like in your space.

1. Shopping Home Design Apps

Navigating all the options can be exhausting for someone who has tried to find the absolute perfect piece for a room. However, these shopping home design apps will put a wide selection of antique right at your fingertips.


Those who want to buy or sell high-quality, pre-owned décor for them Chairish is a one-stop-shop. Chairish’s curators will decide which items to sell once you upload photos of furniture via the app. You can list items for free and the company takes care of shipping, payment, and returns for most sales. Moreover, if you’re a seller then you can keep 80 percent of the final sale.


Decaso is a new venture from the cofounder of Chairish that offers high-end furniture and décor from vetted dealers. If you expect to watch top-notch designs from respected names such as Fat Chance Los Angeles and Studio Van Den Akker, then this app is a must-have for you.


The invaluable app allows you to browse lots from live-action without getting out from your desk, bed, or armchair. You can bid in real-time and place advance absentee bids at live and online auctions.

2. Color and Painting Interior Design Apps


Make and spare shading palettes for your next improving undertaking with the Color911 application. Shading genius Amy Wax has produced more than 80 downloadable shading topics, yet you can likewise make a palette dependent on a photo taken on your gadget and compose most loved colors into folders. Also, share with companions or fashioners by email.

Color Capture

If you want to recognize splendid shading while out that you’d love in your home, then this application from Benjamin Moore permits you to snap a photograph, and its innovation will let out recommended paint alternatives to coordinate it.

Despite the fact that a few clients state the color slant dull, but it’s a valuable beginning stage. Moreover, the assembled shading organization will give recommendations for matching colors.

3. Sketching and Rendering Home Design Apps

These apps will let you keep sketches, mood boards, and notes organized doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional designer or just like to approach a project like one.

Paper by Fifty Three

The Paper application lets clients make draws and take manually written notes that can be joined with photographs and composed content. It’s a famous device for planners and creators, for example, Daniel Libeskind and Kelly Wearstler.

Morpholio Board Pro

This app intended to make life simpler for experts. Morpholio Board Pro merges boards, shopping records, cut sheets, and specs all into one application, making customer introductions and undertaking the board easy as a breeze.

4. Measurement Interior Design Apps

It’s difficult to find a person who hasn’t purchased an astonishing piece just to bring it home to find that it’s not exactly the correct size, or that it won’t fit through the entryway. These applications will assist you with making and store estimations so everything will fit effectively the first time.

Photo Measures

This application allows you to snap a photograph of space and compose the estimations directly on it, so there isn’t any compelling reason to continually heft around a measuring tape. Next time you’re looking for furniture, there’s no reason to ponder whether the stunning piece you’ve discovered will fit or not. Simply just pull out the application for reference.


MagicPlan takes photographs of your space and changes over them into floor plans with precise estimations. These plans can be sent out in PDF, JPG, and DXF configurations to impart to contractual workers, creators, or realtors for an additional charge.  


Lowes recently launched this convenient application, which uses expanded reality to let you measure a space or an item utilizing just the phone’s camera. Estimations can be put something aside for those outings to the furnishings or home improvement store.

Styling and Arranging Home Design Apps

These apps find the ideal furniture arrangement that will help you put the finishing touches on your space. 

IKEA Place

IKEA Place is another magnified reality app that will allow you to virtually place your ‘IKEA’ products in your space. This app features 3D and true-to-scale models of everything. Therefore, it’s able to provide you with an error-free impression of your furniture’s size, design, and functionality in your resident.


Those who have ever tried to pick the absolute perfect furniture for their room knows it can be really exhausting and frustrating. However, by using these aforementioned apps, you’ll be given a wide selection of antique, vintage, etc. right at your fingers. Besides, thanks to the augmented reality technology, many of them will even let you see how the pieces fit your room.

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